Our Services

Mobility Compass

  • User interface following a personal design, for example in accordance with the existing city design
  • Setting up of as many users and administrators as you like
  • Management of the portal
  • Supply and maintenance of the server

For minimal maintenance cost you receive a broad basis to gather information, which is available to all customers, citizens and workers at the same time and everywhere. Updates could be made by any coworker and would be immediately visible in the system.


Individual extensions

In addition, other services could also be offered, with its corresponding extra charge:

  • Gathering of local data or taking over of existing data banks
  • Possibility for the user to add:
  1. Addition and maintenance of a user profile
  2. Pictures and videos
  3. Comments about the media
  4. Definition of locations related to the information gathered
  • External links
  1. to travel schedules
  2. to tourist/hotel data banks
  • Flash animations for management

Communication support

Our Communication Team is able to support the development and publication of the Mobility Compass with press releases.

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This data bank solution can be used for other purposes!
Above the
cadaster of train stations of Nordhessen is displayed, and underneath the map of UsedomRad.