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Train Station Cadaster Nord Hesse Transport Consortium

Since mid-July 2009, the Transport Consortium of Nord Hesse (NVV) offers compact information about all train stations in its area to workers and clients at its internet site. Lines serving each station are visible after a few clicks and also other information, such as whether a taxi is available there. The pilot project was developed together by the NVV Infrastructure Department and team red.

The new train stations map is available under:


The train station map of the NVV works as follows: based on a Google Maps’ map, information about all train stations in the NVV area are brought together and made available in a clear way. For that purpose, more than 10.000 photos of 8.000 objects were taken at about 90 stations. They were geo-referenced and registered in the station cadaster database and are available to the Infrastructure Department staff for conducting their daily work.

The practical advantage for the NVV workers is that, through the database, all objects, such as ticket dispensers or bicycle parking spaces, could be checked, worked on and updated using a central web-based database. In addition, statistical functions developed at the database offer an up-to-date overview of many objects.
Also passengers profit from the gathered information. Selected data are available on a Google Maps' map at www.nvv.de. The map shows all the stations and, by clicking on each one, complete detailed information may be checked.

At each station clients get four main kinds of information: (1) the train station location, including a photo and the telephone number of the station's manager; (2) the respective mobility services by train, bus and tram, parking spaces, car-sharing stations and taxi ranks; (3) the station facilities regarding barrier-free accessibility, bicycle parking spaces or ATMs; and (4) access to electronic timetables showing current departures and arrivals at the train station.

"The NVV has succeeded to meet two requirements using a sole system", states Dr. Bodo Schwieger, CEO of team red and manager of the project, which was developed in about ten months. "The staff has an up-to-date overview of all stations facilities and clients are able to get information about services at each station. That represents a service not only for current passengers but also for new clients, such as those travelling for leisure purposes".

The development of the station cadaster is not yet finished since the interactive map is to be completed with further information, for example for tourists and visitors. That’s why the NVV asks users for advice and comments. All users are welcome to give personal tips regarding sights and highlights about "their train station".

Dr. Bodo Schwieger, team red, CEO, +49 (0) 30138986-37
Susanne Henckel, NVV, Infrastructure Manager, +49 (0) 56170949-0

Project number for further inquiries: P138

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